The great adventure: really damn lost in Brooklyn

Wednesday, July 22, 2009
By steven
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I decided to journey out this afternoon to enjoy the weather before the rain came. Destination? Bedford waterfront to read. Too bad I couldn’t find the waterfront and ended up going south, eventually wandering my way to Prospect Park. Overjoyed at the pretty nature, and aghast at the angry people thrashing about in it.. I made the best of it and biked around in circles until I was almost on the same track as the marathon bikers.. but then I saw the lake, so beautiful.. so I went exploring in it, witnessed a shortlived glimmer of beautiful sunset light peeking through the trees illuminating a fallen tree in radiant orange amidst shadowed forest. Anyhow, I’d just come from the grocery store in wburg so I sat by the main bike road and ate bread and cheese.

Near dusk, I headed back.. I mean, I looked at the map ahead of time! Instead of going home, I got my biggest tour of all the neighborhoods of that part of brooklyn. I eventually was so discombobulated in time and space I thought I was biking through Chicago once more. I tried to retrace my (ridiculous) footsteps in the map below. 2 hours later I made it back home, after having seen the navy yard one too many times, too many bqe over and under passes, and one too many entrance signs to the manhattan and brooklyn bridge which I couldn’t seem to escape. What a maze:

Lost In Prospect Park!!