This is my growing journal of memorable bike trips and eye-opening experiences in New York City that I hope you’ll try out as well; from the unique restaurants to all the sights your bike takes you to that the subway can’t.

What’s to lose with great exercise (especially for that butt), daily calming reflection time, slimmed down commute times (no waiting for trains late at night!), and leaving virtually no carbon footprint? And no matter how you slice it, you’ll save massively over monthly subway passes and cab fare.

True, biking in a city is not a stroll in the park. I mean we’re talking the real deal city here- you’re up against a sea of taxis (which you’ll learn are actually your allies), out-of-towners in cars (not your allies, fish out of water are potently dangerous), parked cars (or are they? shit, opening door!), potholes, broken GLASS (which is everywhere, and your number one enemy of all time), getting caught in rain, pedestrians (from naughty teenage kids out to give you an accident, to blind pedestrians and tourists), and also.. bad bikers. [I'll write about what to do in each of those situations.]

We walk out of our apartments clad in body armor so you’ve got to feel at least a little warrior-like.. like when we heard those tales growing up of knights battling dragons. C’mon, you are riding swiftly into the city of cities with helmet, a huge metal chain, a backpack of tools, basically riding on our city-horses. Sure describing it is cheesy, but there’s no denying the feeling of breeze and sunshine and cityscape rolling by; that’s why we do it.

And if you’re just planning to cycle around your block? Well.. that’s anticlimactic. The city is where it’s hearty, so hopefully these recounted experiences make it that much easier to venture into the unknown.


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